By Jillian Urcelay

JU: How would you describe your design style in terms of your fashion collection, and how has this been translated into the eyewear line?
VG: My collection is about luxurious knitwear designed for people of all shapes and sizes to make everyone look and feel their most beautiful. I have incorporated vibrant, bold colors throughout my styles that exude joy, confidence and bring out the beauty of the wearer with colors that pop against deep skin tones.

We set out to fuse my brand’s high fashion boldness with Tura’s intricate and jewelry-like design details. You will find hints of retro jewelry detail giving a luxurious statement, custom made colors and channel set crystals; it is a new glamour not found anywhere in the industry.

I have friends and family who have always struggled with finding a frame that fits properly. I was excited when Tura contacted me to collaborate. We worked together to create a collection that would fit the wearer’s features while also complementing their deep and rich skin tones. Having frames that do not slip and are lifted away from cheekbones ensure proper fit and comfort.

What design details and features does the GLEMAUD x Tura collection have that specifically complement those deeper skin tones?
The frames feature custom colors that flatter deep and rich skin tones. Cosmetically flattering colors such as shimmering champagne add a glimmer from every angle while pops of bold color and animal print texture add an exuberant statement. Rich hues of rose, red and burgundy really come alive against a deep skin tone. Handset crystals and mother of pearl shimmer so beautifully on the wearer. Every style features five to six details; we say “layered luxury” because there are so many elements that harmoniously blend to create a unique frame with unparalleled beauty.

You coined the term “Forever Fit” to describe your tailored size inclusive eyewear styles. What makes these frames different from “standard” eye sizes, and why do you believe it’s important to offer an alternative in the market?
The industry offers some fit options, but not to the level that Tura has embraced our wearer from all angles. This is all possible because of Tura’s fit expertise and extensive research in fit requirements for people of color. The frames feature a wide nasal flare, deep nosepads and mid-set temples. It allows for a bolder style that is positioned for ultimate comfort and for prescription lens alignment for seeing correctly. So often, women of color cannot find eyewear that address all these fit requirements together in one frame.

With the collection’s first release out now, what features can fans expect from future launches?
The next collection in the fall will continue to showcase really bold styling with unique custom laminations, beading decor, interesting constructions, colorblocking and animal print. This is an extension of our spring 2022 collection, equally rich and diverse.

Finally, how has your experience been working with the Tura team?
The experience has been eye opening and incredibly collaborative. There was amazing synergy from the beginning. They understand my brand, and I understood their desire to fit women of color. Tura specializes in producing a wide variety of fits to accommodate ethnic diversity, and I was excited to learn they wanted to collaborate on a collection to solve this industry problem. It has been a pleasure to be part of this journey and provide not just a solution but continue to shed light on brands thinking more inclusively especially for such a large and growing demographic. In all, I am proud that we developed a collection that marries my love of color, pattern and high fashion boldness with Tura’s distinct heritage.■