July 2022 Resources

Our Mission is to Build a Better Life Through Vision Care for Those Who Need It Most

Sue Shire, ABO-AC, HFOAA, MBCO, Vision of Hope Chairperson, describes some of the projects from the Opticians Association of America’s Vision of Hope Foundation (VOH). All opticians and students are invited to join us in the many opportunities within the Vision of Hope.
June 2022 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 26

In the last article, we covered lens materials and coating options, and their effect on lens optical performance. We briefly covered blue light attenuating lenses and coatings with a promise to share more in this June article. To that end, this article will cover the limits and benefits of the two types of blue light lenses in the market (indoor and outdoor). More and more consumers search blue light on the internet as they experience increased concern about the effects of digital screen time on eyes. They come to you for guidance and present you with the opportunity to help them understand the different types of blue attenuating lenses and coatings and their function.
May 2022 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 25

It’s important that opticians know the best material for the job especially for groove and drill mount frames or high lens powers. We have a lot of material choices, and we must determine which combination of lens properties will produce the best lens performance for each job. For example, what are the most impact resistant and strongest lens materials? Strongest, in terms of tensile strength, means the ability of a lens to withstand a pulling force. Lenses with high tensile strength are good for drill mounts.
April 2022 Resources

IOT Free-Form Insights Part 24

This article is the third in a series of articles from Tina Lahti, VP of sales and marketing for IOT, and a longtime optician and industry educator. Tina shares informative tidbits from her course “What Your Lab Wishes You Knew.”

This article reviews the effects of lens decentration on lens thickness. To examine the contribution of decentration relative to lens edge thickness, we started with a control job. How much does decentration matter? A lot.
April 2022 Resources

Many Seniors Miss Out on Assistive Apps for Low Vision

From Review of Optometry

Patients with low vision impairment can find it difficult to navigate mobile devices without accessibility features. Despite there being dozens of downloadable apps available as visual assistive aids, authors of a recent article published in Optometry and Vision Science determined that the population of visually impaired individuals most in need of these tools—adults over age 55—aren’t taking advantage. Explaining the value of these aids to low vision patients could help increase rates of usage.

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